If you’re a runner or like to work up a sweat, be sure to visit Hamilton Island in May! What better way to view the landscape than to take a run (or walk) around the Island!

For the Fearless:

The Stamford Financial Hilly Marathon is one for the determined. If the full marathon isn’t for you, there are also options for a half marathon, 3 x 7 kilometer relay and three different distance options for the kids on a more appropriate course. If you love a challenge this event is one for you.

For the Challenge:

At 7am every Saturday runners head to the local park to patriciate in Parkrun. A free, weekly, 5 kilometer run that gets people involved and moving in over 740 different locations around the world, 145 of those are held in Australia.

For the Walkers:

Hamilton Island may be small but there is plenty to see and explore. The island consists of multiple walking trails, you’ll find the toughest decision is deciding which one to take! Head down to reception and they will be able to help you with directions to some of our favourites. The best part about walking the island is always finding somewhere to take a dip cool off.

There is a race for everyone, including the kids too! Take on the challenge and take in the serenity.