There’s more to Hamilton Island than just relaxing and cocktails.

Whether you’re a dedicated fisherman or just love to throw a line in, Hamilton Island will give you an unforgettable fishing experience on the big blue.

Your first stop should always be to Popeye’s, the local fish and chip shop. Popeye’s stock bait for guests who want to try their luck at catching their own dinner (and provide a delicious feast if you don’t happen to catch anything yourself!).

Next, you’ll want to hire a dinghy, this gives you the freedom to adventure wherever you like. There’s a bunch of different places offering dinghy hire, if you need help deciding just speak to us at reception and we’ll point you in the right direction. We do suggest hiring some snorkeling gear too…just in case the fish aren’t biting.

If hiring a dingy isn’t for you, jump on one of Hamilton Island’s Fishing Charters. Run by dedicated Whitsunday locals, the fishing charter takes you to some of the most scenic fishing locations in the world! You’ll be sure land the catch of the day!

The fishing opportunities here are endless. If you’ve got any questions, or after some priceless local knowledge, don’t forget to speak to us at reception.

Happy fishing!