A bad day fishing is said to be better than a good day at work, and although we love looking after our guests at WAHI, we would have to agree. And can you really blame us? Nestled into some of the most pristine stretches of water around the world, Hamilton Island is home to some seriously impressive fishing!


Get the kids off the screens

Hamilton Island is home to the Predator Fishing & Renegade Fishing Charters. The Predator Fishing Charter is fully customised on a daily basis to maximise your chances of landing that big fish! Services offer half or full day charters at varying rates too, which means you’re bound to be able to find the right trip for you!

BYO Skipper

Hiring a dinghy to take fishing is a great excuse to chuck the Captains’ hat on! Although you’re limited to certain areas, that doesn’t mean you’re short of places to drop a line. Cast out just off of the eastern side of Dent Island around Cowrie Island to capitalise on the reef – there’s always a huge amount of fish around! Our other favourite spot for a big catch is the passage between Qualia and Whitsunday Island to the west of Fitzalan Island.

Dry Land

If staying on land is more of your style, there’s no shortage of ideal fishing spots scattered around Hamilton Island. We suggest heading off to Coral Cove in Driftwood Bay for a peaceful fishing experience, with a protective cove boasting a reef that hugs the shallows of the bay. No fish? No worries – this spot is one of the most secluded beaches on Hamilton Island!

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