Whether you are a Mum, or you’ve got a Mum…you know one thing; Mum’s pretty much do it all! And all that doing deserves a chance for Mums to do one more thing; nothing. Well, there’s no better place to do nothing and relax, than right here at WAHI. So with Mother’s Day coming up soon, we thought we’d take this opportunity to feature all the fun Mums can have – doing nothing - on their WAHI getaway.

Do nothing, by the pool

Poolside is a Mum’s domain. Especially when nothing is on the agenda, as it should be when you’re relaxing on Hamilton Island. Our pool and heated spa are just out front of the resort, meaning it’s the perfect destination for Mums to put their feet up and enjoy a book or a cocktail (or both) by the water’s edge.

Do nothing, and get a massage

Spa Wumurdaylin, the hard to say even harder to pass up spa and wellness retreat is the ideal spot for Mum’s wishing to take doing nothing on Hamilton Island to a whole other level. Here, expert therapists offer reiki, as well as a range of massages including hot stone, deep release and aroma therapeutic sessions. For more information, and to book, simply ask our friendly staff at reception.

Do something, and go to sunrise Yoga

Technically, getting up early to partake in sunrise yoga on Dent Island is the complete opposite of doing nothing. But seriously… you’ll be angry at yourself if you don’t. It’s just a short boat trip to the island from the marina, and the setting offers truly one of the most remarkable views of the Whitsundays. We won’t give away too much. But again, if you want to know more, chat to our friendly reception staff. This, honestly, is a to-do!

Can’t wait to do nothing and relax at Hamilton Island? Book your apartment direct with us and get more! Simply visit our booking page, call our staff direct on +61 7 4969 9905, or email us at stay@wahi.com.au